Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Make your casual look interesting

We all love  feeling comfy in our casual outfits but  at the same time no one wants a boring look. Don't you agree? 
I' ve collected down some pieces, which according to A/W 15 trends are in fashion and tried to mix and match them in a way to make them look more interesting and- why not- more edgy!   

 The combination of the black leather skirt with quite colorful  trainers, apart from adding some colour and contrast to your totally black outfit, they make it look more trendy and fashionable. Don't be afraid to also mix and match the trends· the boho style fringe bag teams up nicely with the whole minimal outfit, giving it some fashion forward vibes!     

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Stylish ways to wear your long coat this Winter

  The long coats are once more one of the  hot trends for the Autumn/Winter season. And though it might look easy to wear and style your coat, you have to be careful and have some things in mind before wearing and matching it up. Choosing the style of  the coat  which nicely suits your body, raises the possibilities of an even more impressive look. 

  Thankfully, the variety of coats this season is huge. Different coat styles, colours and lengths.  
Do you want a sexy and trendy look? Sophisticated or a casual one? Classic or minimal? 

  Let's have a look at some different looks and ways to wear and combine your coat with. 

A comfy and very stylish look.
 However, it is said the floor-length coat to be very dramatic and classy, with some very stylish 'adds' you can transform it into a very trendy and stylish look. Try wearing it with trainers and elegant accessories to elevate the look. 

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Balmain x H&M: some of the best looks

5th of November ... save the day ... 11 days to go until Balmain x H&M goes on sale and that means that you have to plan, see and decide which of these stunning pieces you would love to add in your wardrobe. 

So, to make it easier, I collected down some of the best looks that I believe are the absolute must-haves! 

left:sweater £79.99 trousers £59.99, Right:top £79.99 trousers: £59.99  

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Top Shoe trends for A/W 2015

Several famous fashion houses, such as Gucci, Fendi, Dior etc. presented shoes for every taste and age in their Autumn/Winter 15 collections. 

Romantic lace ups, boots above the knee, 70's chubby patchwork, fur linings, metallic shades, square and cylindrical heels, are some of the features that impressed during last February's fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris. 

The designers this year propose playful and tasteful combinations of colours, textures, styles, lengths and ornate heels. 

Lace up and ankle boots resembling the Victorian era.